(2021) Best apple Watch series 6 complete review.

The apple Watch 6 (or apple Watch series 6, if you want to be all proper about it) is the latest watch from the company along side the apple Watch SE that launched at the same time.

Apple watches remain some of the most popular smartwatches despite not working with Android phones at all, serving as small second screens that connect your iPhone to your wearable.

While the Apple Watch 6 is no longer the most advanced model on the market with the just — announced apple Watch 7, and you might be wondering whether the year-old model offers anything massively alluring; if you’re thinking about upgrading from an older apple Watch, you’ll be especially keen to learn what’s new here.

1. Release date and price.
2. Design.
3. Display.
4. Fitness.
5. Battery life.
6. Watches 7.
7. Should you buy the apple Watch-6?

Well here are the highlights : starting at $399 / £379 / AU$599 for the 40mm version (sadly no discount despite the apple Watch 7 being out).

Apple's sixth watch has a blood oxygen sensor inside, new colors to delight (we're into the red) and a more efficient S6 engine at its heart, it's also supposed to have a brighter display in sunny conditions – we'll come to that shortly.

Beyond that, the rest of the new features that arrives with the watch 6, like sleep tracking, hand–wash tracking, and new buckle–less bands, will be made available to older apple watches.

The display, using OLED techn ology, is as bright and clear as ever— we didn’t notice any extra brightness outside, despite the claims made by apple, but equally we never struggled to read the display, thanks to the rich colors and good contrast ratios.

The apple Watch 6 release date was Friday, September 18, and you're able to pick one up online or in-store with (relative) ease.

“In terms of the apple Watch 6 price, you’re looking at $399 / £379 / AU$599 for the 40mm version, while the 44mm version starts at $429 / £409 /AU$649 (those prices are for the GPS-only version, without cellular connectivity)”.

“If you want an LTE–ready watch, the 40mm starts at $499 / £479 / AU$749, and the 44mm at $529 / £509 / AU$799.The most expensive model will still set you back $1,499 / £1,449 / AU$2,259".

if you go for the most luxurious straps and finish–but apple still believes that fashion has a large part to play in the allure of its watch.
And remember : you can still plump for the apple Watch 3 for $199 / £199 / AU$ 299, or try and find the similarly–specced apple watch–5 discounted at many retailers. The apple Watch SE starts at $279 / £269 /AU$4 29 so it’s another lower–cost alternative you could opt for.

The apple watch series 6 is the same as that of any recent apple Watch (as in' from the apple Watch 4 onwards).

Coming in 40mm and 44mm flavors for smaller or larger wrists respectively, you’ll see the same rounded edges that merge into the screen, the digital crown that spins through the interface with a simple flick of the finger, and the power button below that functions as a way to jump between apps.

On the rear of the apple Watch 6 you've got a heart–rate monitor that's been upgraded time and again, and which here includes new features like blood oxygen sensing and the electro cardiogram (ECG) monitor, in addition to checking on your regular heart rate and alerting you if things get higher or lower than normal.

The apple Watch 6 is also 5ATM certified, which means it can be used for swimming and pop down to a depth of 50m for 10 minutes if you so wish–but, in reality, it means that the apple Watch is fully protected against 'normal' swimming.

The bigger story in terms of the apple Watch 6 design is the new range of colors – and the shade that's particularly caught our eye is red. It's (product) red, a color that apple has used for a few years now to help promote the organization trying to rid the world of AIDS, and it's by far the most striking color of the bunch– and, happily, the one we got to review.

The other colors,(gold,silver, graphite, space gray and blue), are also premium – looking, and fit nicely with the well — manu factured feel of the apple Watch. The price is high, granted, but you’re getting a beautifully made device for your cash.

It's lightweight too – at 36.5 grams (for the 44mm edition) we didn't feel it weighing down our wrist very often, and it's sometimes easy to forget you have it on.

The apple Watch 6 display uses OLED technology, and it's a fine–looking screen as a result. When you're in darker places, it's only the numbers, letters or whatever's on the screen that you can see, as OLED technology enables incredible contrast between the black and white tones, which makes whatever is on the apple Watch 6 look really striking.

Where older apple Watch models (and the new apple watch SE) require you to raise your wrist to see what the time is or check a notification, the watch 6 continues where the watch 5 left off with an always–on display.

This means you don't need to raise your wrist to see the time or an alert, and can just glance down to see what's happening.

Depending on the watch face you've got set up — and there are now many - you'll also see updated info on news, health stats or battery life without needing to raise up the apple Watch and fully wake your device (which will use more power).

However, while this is useful, we feel it’s still not well — implemen ted. The always–on display is helpful at times, but mostly we just want to see the time. The problem is that, even though the screen of the apple Watch 6 dims when it’s not being looked at, it’s still rather bright.

The apple Watch is clearly a wearable that's designed for fitness, and the apple watch 6 is the pinnacle of the company's health and fitness ambitions thus far. Every year we get new fitness and wellness features, so let's begin with the big one for the watch 6 : the blood oxygen monitor.

Firstly, let's not forget that it's been around as an option on other wearables like the fitbit charge 4 (and phones, including members of the samsung galaxy range) for a long time now.

So it's not a new feature, but the question is how apple is implementing it into the new watch, and whether it can be truly useful, especially when the world is facing a respiratory disease–based pandemic.

But before we get to that, let's just remind ourselves what a blood oxygen (or spo–2) sensor actually does. Firing red and infra–red light under the skin, the diodes on the under side of the apple Watch 6 can read the color of your blood, and work out from that how much oxygen you've pumping around.

There are various opinions on what 'good' looks like for a percentage, but if you're over 95% then generally you're in a good place. You can run a dedicated SPO–2 test on the watch, sitting still for 15 seconds to test it, or you can have the apple watch 6 test throughout the day — we did both, and the results largely matched up, and for the most part we were above the 95% threshold.

With the new apple watch 6, there are so many ways to keep an eye on your general wellbeing, and being able to close your 'move rings’, the metric apple uses to let you know how active you’re being.

With each new apple Watch release, the brand brings more ways to track your efforts so you truly know how active you are, and encourage you to try news things as well.

The apple watch 6 (and others in the watch range) will also help you on your way to your goals of standing enough times, moving enough or getting enough exercise by prompting you at times through the day to get active when it thinks you have a moment to do it - its rather helpful.

However the fitness tracking on the apple watch is also limited in a few ways too. We took the watch 6, watch SE, watch 5 and watch 4 out for a 15–mile run, and there are still a few things the watch 6 hasn't fixed.

Firstly, the running part of the workouts app is still a bit limited. Apple makes it so that the GPS inside (which should be fairly accurate, as you can connect to multiple satellites to find your location) doesn't have to 'lock' before you need to start running, in order to just get you out and pounding the pavement.

It also varied quite a bit when doing the same run time and again–when doing the same 6.5–mile course with the watch SE and the watch 6, we saw a 0.2–mile disperity, and quite different mile splits throughout — which doesn't breed complete confidence in the distance and speed tracking.

The apple watch 6 still feels like a fitness wearable for everyone, appealing to the masses rather than the fitness fiend. And that's the right way round — those who want some thing more dedicated can easily find it elsewhere.

The apple watch battery life is another thing we wish was improved this year– it’s a key thing that’s holding back the apple watch range from being an instant recommendation.

We noticed last year that the addition of the always–on display had a real impact on battery life, and while the new S6 chipset inside the watch 6 has definitely improved the power efficiency, it hasn't solved some key issues.

Let's start with one of the oddest things apple does : it constantly under–represents the battery life of its watch range. Since the very first model of watch, the claimed battery life has always been far too stingy — apple calls it 'all-day battery life', and pegs the watch 6 to last 18 hours in general use.

Well, we always had it connected to a phone or wi-fi all day, and we took it running, controlled music, used apps– and we still always got over 24 hours of use before needing to reach for the charger.

The S6 chipset inside the apple watch 6 is, indeed, the most efficient processor apple has ever put in a wearable. You’d expect the combination of the always — on display and the SPO-2 sensor would be far more of a battery –drain than on the apple watch SE, for instance; but, over a 15–mile run, 110-minute run we found that the watch 6 actually used less battery than the SE, as apple has made the GPS tracking more efficient.

The same is true for music playback, so these smartwatch features are less of a problem, battery–wise, on apple's latest model. The watch 6 also charges much faster than previous models– in a side-by-side comparison with the watch SE, from 0% the watch 6 was fully charged in 75 minutes, while the watch SE, with the older S5 chip, took 100 minutes to fill up.

The apple Watch 6 is the showcase for the latest version of apple's wearable operating system, but the usual caveats apply : the same features (blood oxygen monitoring excepted) are also coming to the new apple watch SE, and will be rolled out to every device from the watch 3 onwards.

The first thing we wanted to try out with the new apple watch was sleep tracking, which has finally turned up on a wearable from apple.

It’s a particularly welcome feature for those who are already wearing their watch in bed, not least because you can set the time you’re going to sleep and the display becomes mono chrome,

and you won't be able to wake it easily, as you'll need to spin the digital crown to get back in — it's an excellent way to help you resist the temptation to check that last notification when you're supposed to be sinking into slumber.

The sleep tracking itself is very basic indeed, though. It'll work out when you got into bed based on when you put down your phone, and will then monitor how long you're asleep for. This data is fed into the health app on your phone, so you'll be able to see how your sleep time is increasing or decreasing over a period.

— — — — (Buy it if) — — — —

You want to future-proof yourself.

If you know you're going to hold onto it for a few years, you should always go for the most modern version of whatever apple thing you're going to buy—

it'll be supported for longer with updates, it'll offer longer battery life, and it'll offer the widest range of features.

— — — (Don’t buy it if) — — —

You’ve got 'into' fitness.

If you've been using an apple Watch for a while, and are more serious about fitness, the watch 6 isn't great for things like interval repeats,checking your lap speed or adding in easy rest stops in a swim session.

Apple needs a watch pro as soon as possible,in our opinion.


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