One plus 9 pro mobile complete review|design,display,and many more

Oneplus 9 pro mobile review :

The oneplus 9 pro is a culmi nation of the company’s efforts over the past couple of years, and it’s the first time a smart phone from the company has felt like the complete package. It offers top-end power, a great camera experience and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a flagship smartphone right now.

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Oneplus 9 pro release date and price :

The oneplus 9 pro was revealed on March 23, 2021in a virtual event from the company, and preorders went live immediately after the event finished. The phone is now available in the UK and the US.

Design :

Display :

The oneplus 9 pro comes with a large and high-resolution display befitting its pro status. It’s 6.7 – inches from corner to corner, with a QHD resolution of 1440 ×3216 — that equals 525 pixels per inch. That resolution on this amoled display is noticeable from the moment you first turn on the display with images jumping out of the screen and text appearing razor-sharp.

Camera :

Specs and performance :

The oneplus 9 pro is powered by the latest qualcomm snapdragon 888 chipset, and as has been the case with other Android phones using this clip, we’ve been impressed with the top - end performance it enables, with the phone loading apps almost instant aneously.

Battery life :

The oneplus 9 pro isn’t going to offer game – changing battery life, but it’ll reliably see you through a full day on a full charger with typical use. Only on one or two occasions during our testing time did we need to give oneplus 9 pro a top-up at around 10pm.

Should you buy the oneplus 9 pro?

— — — (Buy it if...) — — —

(You need a powerful smartphone).

The snapdragon 888 chipset combined with 12GB of RAM has impressed us during our testing, and if you're after a top-end phone with great power, the oneplus 9 pro fits the bill. it'll run any app or game you want it to without breaking sweat.

——(Don’t buy it if)—— — 
(You need lots of storage space).

Oneplus hasn't included microsd support on any of its phones to date, and it's the same story with the oneplus 9 pro isn't an exception. If you want the option to expand your phone's storage as and when needed look elsewhere.

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